Nose Correction – Rhinoplasty Laser and Mechanical

Nose Correction - Rhinoplasty Laser and Mechanical

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of the nose and/or solve functional problems with breathing.

The nose is the most visible organ in our body and it is therefore the most exposed to views of others. It strongly characterizes the face of each person. Nose surgery is one of the most common operations in cosmetic surgery.


Nose correction Rhinoplasty picture

Besides external deformation there are deformations of the internal structures of the nose that causes shortness of breath.


Nose correction (Rhynoplastica, rhinoseptoplastica) – 1800 – 2500
Nose correction with lasers – 3000 – 4000

* Important Note

Prices in the price list are approximate. The final price in consultation with the surgeon after examination and selection methods. Prices are expressed in EUR.

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