Lifting the muscles and skin on the face and neck

Face-Neck Lifting


To attain a younger, tightened face, neck as if no surgery treatment was performed. Lifting of the lower jaw and neck contours and elimination of a double chin.


In half asleep under local anesthesia, which allows to take into account the fineness of individual expressions. After the surgery, a sterile light compression bandages which will be replaced the same night. The next day replacing bandages, the third day – hair washing and discharge from the clinic for further outpatient treatment. The last threads are removed between 8 and 10 days after the operation. The following 4-6 weeks the patient must avoid coloring your hair, mini-wave, sport, sun, solarium and sauna.

Bruises and swells are individual as well as skin flaking all being a normal side effect of the treatment. The feeling of tightness of the neck is the logical and normal reaction of the tightening the muscles in the neck and face. All these phenomena will disappear in a few days up to a week and there is no need for worry.  Fot staying at the clinic and doing this operation it is necessary to bring clothes that are not pulled over the head but with buttons for at least 10 days after the surgery.


facelifting face and neck before after


Face-lifting – 3000-4000
Neck lifting – 3000-4000
Face and Neck lifting with SMAS super extended 4000-5500

Tightening (lifting) of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of face and neck

Face and Neck lifting with SMAS super extended by Laser 7500-9000
Double Chin correction – 1500-2000

Standard method or by use of laser and ultrasound

Chin correction by use of fillers – 1000
Laser peeling – Dermabrasion – 500-1000
Forehead Lifting – 3000-4000

Tightening (lifting) of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the forehead

Facial Fat Transfer -Filling facial with own fat tissue – 500-1500 ps
Price of harvesting (liposuction) fat cells for facial fat transfer – 500-1000

Cheekbones area Augmentation by use of fillers – 1000-1500 (certified filers only)
Temporal Lifting and tilting angle of the eye and eyebrows “exotic cat look” – 2500

* Important Note

Prices in the price list are approximate. The final price in consultation with the surgeon after examination and selection methods. Prices are expressed in EUR.