Face, eyelids, forehead and neck lifting


As an old man in all tissues of the body changes occur. During aging changes are most visible on the skin and subcutaneous tissue. For many people, coming to a reduction in the thickness of subcutaneous fat layer. Collagen and elastic fibers are also changing, causing skin to lose its elasticity. Facial muscles weak, which together with other changes leading to wrinkles, sagging and drooping skin.

The first signs of aging on the skin, and wrinkles, there are already about 25 years of age. This process of copying and deepening of wrinkles lasts till the end of life. Procedures are very different, but for the sake better results are usually applied twice or more, facelift (face lift and neck), forehead lift and brow lift, eyelid correction, laser peeling of the skin of the face and neck and lip enlargement example.


Face eyelids forehead and neck lifting


Face-lifting – 3000-4000
Neck lifting – 3000-4000
Face and Neck lifting with SMAS super extended 4000-5500

Tightening (lifting) of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of face and neck

Face and Neck lifting with SMAS super extended by Laser 7500-9000
Double Chin correction – 1500-2000

Standard method or by use of laser and ultrasound

Chin correction by use of fillers – 1000
Laser peeling – Dermabrasion – 500-1000
Forehead Lifting – 3000-4000

Tightening (lifting) of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the forehead

Facial Fat Transfer -Filling facial with own fat tissue – 500-1500 ps
Price of harvesting (liposuction) fat cells for facial fat transfer – 500-1000

Cheekbones area Augmentation by use of fillers – 1000-1500 (certified filers only)
Temporal Lifting and tilting angle of the eye and eyebrows “exotic cat look” – 2500

* Important Note

Prices in the price list are approximate. The final price in consultation with the surgeon after examination and selection methods. Prices are expressed in EUR.