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When a person loses weight through dieting and exercise, the skin will usually contract gradually over the period of weight loss; however, skin contraction is not always smooth. Many people who have undergone significant weight loss will often have stretch marks or loose skin. These changes can also occur with UAL. Immediately after liposuction the skin overlaying the area where fat has been removed is loose, but over the next several hours this area may swell significantly and the skin will usually contract as the swelling resolves. Also, irregularities in the microscopic blood flow to the remaining fat can result in different rates of fat atrophy. The larger the amount of the amount of fat removed, these irregularities will lessen. This process can be ailed by massage and external ultrasound.


“Cellulite” is a term used to describe a specific look of fat in skin overlaying certain areas of the body. As people age, almost all develop some areas of cellulite. Cellulite is not a different type of skin but rather a specific look that reflects the architecture of the fat and skin in these areas. UAL will produce some improvement in dimpling or cellulite. However, at this time there is no “cure” for cellulite, and the best results are achieved through proper diet and exercise in combination with liposuction.


UAL is safe in healthy patients if performed in a properly equipped facility by a plastic surgeon who has completed an appropriate hand-on UAL training course. It is important to understand that though UAL has been performed on thousands of patients worldwide, the long-term effects of ultrasound energy on the body are unknown. As with traditional liposuction, serious medical complications are infrequent. However, possible complications include clots that block blood flow, infection, excessive fluid loss that can lead to shock, excessive fluid accumulation that must be drained, skin injury, perforation injury to the skin or organs, and. adverse reactions to the anesthetics used.

One complication specifically related to the UAL technique is thermal skin injury caused by the heat from the ultrasound device. Temporary collections of fluid beneath the skin surface (seromas) are also more common with UAL. In addition, you should be aware that the tube-like instruments or cannulas used to perform UAL at present are slightly larger than cannulas used for traditional liposuction. Slightly longer incisions are needed for UAL, and this requires that they be placed carefully in areas where they will not benoticable. For this reason, some plastic surgeons prefer to use the traditional liposuction technique in areas where an obvious scar may result. Cosmetic complications from pigmentation, “bagginess” of the skin, and asymmetry. Cosmetic problems relating to excess skin can be treated with excisional body contouring techniques (e.g. “tummy-tuck” surgery).

Have I given myself to the right person?

It is very important to have faith, and reach a clear stand in connection to this question. If any dilemma exists, the best thing to do is to postpone the surgery and to talk to the surgeon again / four weeks before the set date of surgery, for understandable reasons/. We also recommend that the night before the surgery is to take place, think over the whole think again. It is suggested that you should look up all possible issues that you wish to clear, write them down and ask your doctor. No questions should be left unanswered. It is significant that you have an ease of mind before, in course and after the surgery, which is mainly dependent on the harmonic relationship between the doctor and patient.

One of the very important questions / is it painful?

Surgery treatment under total anesthesia, such as breast treatment, body contour treatment / stomach, thigh lifting, fat tissue suction/ are painless. After surgery, depending on how painful swells are and how sensitive the patient is, low intensity pains are possible but if these pains are stronger mild pain relievers can easily solve the problem. All these surgery treatments can also be conducted with epidural anesthesia; its advantages have already been mentioned. Surgery treatment on the face area such as face-lifting, forehead, nose, chin, eye lids, ears and lips are carried out under local anesthesia, the patient is in a half asleep condition. Depending on how deep the half asleep condition is, the patient will more or less feel some pain while the local anesthesia is injected. With a good collaboration between the doctor and patient, the pain need not even be felt.

How will I look after surgery?

When you go through the talks that will give you a picture of how the surgery will take place, you will be also informed how you will look after the treatment. This understands that you will have swells, bruises and other unpleasant feelings such as the feeling of stiffness, which, among other is due to the bandages. This will be over in a few days, a maximum of one week and after that, the main feeling that the patients usually has is satisfaction. If you consider things in such a manner and if you are highly motivated to look better, then this short post-surgery phase can be overcome without great problems.

Asymmetry of the human body and face.

The fact is that neither the human body nor the face is symmetrical. All internal organs that come in pair are not the same so, for instance, the left kidney, lung etc. is not the same with the right one, nor are external parts of the body the same, so we have that one leg or hand differ from the other. The same thing can be applied to the face, /everyone has his-her prettier side of the face/ and this difference becomes more noticeable as years go by. Eyes, ears, breasts are asymmetric, brows differ one from the other etc. After the treatment, the patient will also have asymmetric swells and bruises. Some patients that are not informed may become up-set because of this. The goal is not to have perfect symmetry that will appear as a mask but natural, harmonic appearance as if no treatment was performed, where personal radiance is important. Of great importance for the physiological satisfaction of the patient, in course of the first post-surgery week is that he/she understands that the process of healing, will take a number of months.

When will I be ready for friends, to go out?

With treatments of body contouring, such as removal of fat tissue, stomach and breast surgery there is no time limit. For treatments of the face one has to be prepared to be 8 to 14 days in isolation. Depending on the individual, swells and bruises that differ from the normal skin color last from a couple of days with some patients, while with others, it takes longer until normal skin color and appearance is restored. In any case, according to statistics 8-14 days is an optimal period. This also depends on the type of treatment carried out; nose, beard or eyelids. If it is a combined treatment of face lifting together with correction of eyelids and nose then it is normal that swells etc. last up to 3 weeks.

How long will I be in the clinic?

The stay in the clinic should be as short as possible no matter how good it may be. Thanks to state of art surgery techniques and achievements in anesthesia, this is possible. Below is a table which shows how many days a patient will be hospitalize depending on the treatment, normally as stated above these figures can vary for 1-2 days depending on how sensitive the patient is.

-Lifting of forehead and brows 2-3 days
-Face-lifting 3 days
-Eye lids 1-2 days
-Nose and chin 1-2 day s
-Ears 1 day
-Lips 1 day
-Breast increase 1-2 days
-Breast decrease 3-4 days
-Breast strengthen 3-4 days
-Stomach strengthen 3-5 days
-Thigh inside/inside parts 2-3 days
-Inside the bottom 2-3 days
-Liposuction 1-2 days

Post op restrictions:

Depending on the type of treatment it will be necessary 3-6 weeks to pass before one can go out on the sun, solarium and sauna and carry out any type of sports activities. All necessary instructions will be given to you by the doctor if the necessity arises. After 14 days you should call us between 9 am to 4 pm and set an appointment for a control check.

At the time of admittance it is necessary to bring along all medical results as stated on the reminder given to.

1. In case of minors the parents or foster parents need to give approval by signing the admission list.

2. Payment: as in all international clinics at the time of admission. Prices are given in the price list. Payments may be in cash, cheque, or confirmed money transfer. The price covers all your expenses, surgery, hospitalization, medication, check/ups etc.

When coming to the clinic please bring along only essential things as if staying at a hotel.

When dismissed, you will be staying in a hotel or other place according to your desire from where you will be coming to the clinic for necessary treatment. The clinic will help you out in finding a place to stay depending on your requests and desires.

We suggest that one should bring along books and music cassettes according to ones choice.

Is there and danger in getting cancer or autoimmune diseases?

Results of a wide range of parallel studies show that the chance of getting breast cancer and/or any autoimmune disease is much lower with people that have had an implant than those that did not. One is certain; women that have an implant go more often on control checks then those that don’t. Also, the compression feature of the implant has its certain role. These findings bring relief to many, no matter of speculations that exist. When we talk about autoimmune diseases, it is definitely confirmed that implants have no connection with them.

Can a patient with a breast implant travel by plane?

This looks like a joke, but since it is brought up, yes, why not.

How safe are breast implants filled with silicon jell?

CE attested implants are absolutely safe and with the advanced technology much better than implants, for instance, that where used three years ago.

Which plastic surgery treatments are not connected to the age of the patient?

-breast correction (increase and decrease)
-ears and nose correction
-fat tissue suction and the solution of fat depoes on the body
-lip augmentation (short or long term)
-laser removal of tattoos
-removal of warts and benign moulds
-laser therapy of vascular lesions (naevus flameus, hemangioma), children hemagiomas and smaller blood vessels on the face and body, scares
-laser scars removals

Which surgery treatments are mainly performed on persons older than 35 years?

-eyelid correction
-face, neck and forehead lift
(Super extended Face & Neck Lift with SMAS)
-laser polish and rejuvenation of skin
-laser treatment of wrinkles
-and all other esthetic surgery treatment no matter of the age of the patient.

Is there any age limit for esthetic surgery?

If the patient is healthy and the anesthetist is concordant with it there is no reason to turn down a patient.

We are interested to know how many years had your oldest patient?

According to our records our oldest patient was a German lady 79 years old.

What types of esthetic surgery was preformed?

In Nine burg in 1998 we preformed liposuction, in Belgrade in early 1998 the so-called super extended face and neck lift with SMAS was preformed.

What is Super extended face and neck lift with SMAS?

This is extended lift of face and neck mussels and skin

What dose that mean?

That means that we act against the gravitation forces so that when the skin on the face and neck are pulled tight /lifted/ they are not under tension and the ear shells are not dislocated.

How younger did your patient look, in view of years, after the surgery?

At least 10 to 15 years. This means that a person of 45 will look as if she has 35 or 30 years. The process of aging will continue but not from 45 but from 35 or 30 years of age.

Are extremes in view of appearance and age possible?

Yes, for instance a person with very good quality skin, who dose not smoke, lives a normal/regular life, takes vitamins regularly, eats and lives healthy, s can look 20 years younger but this is very rare.

How long dose face lifts last?

This question may apply only for face skin lifting not face skin and mussels lifting

Why is super extended face and neck lift with SMAS the right solution?

The tissue under the skin on front of the ear and the neck muscle represent one unity. In the process of aging the whole facial complex together with the saliva gland and mussels fall, so it is essential when lifting surgery is performed that it is done in the opposite /backward/ direction to the aging process. Lifting of only the skin is a short-term solution, which is quite evident since the power of mussels is stronger than the elasticity of the skin.

What do the scares look like?

One has to make a distinction between what do they look like and are they visible. After a well-preformed surgery scares can not been seen defined even by experts. The type of scare and is it visible or not depends mainly on the quality of skin.

How and what type of laser can remove pimple scares?

This type of scares are removed by a CO2 or so called YAG laser. This is the most precise method for removing the surface layer of skin, which also stimulates the production of skin collagen. The method is safe and tested.

How to make face skin look younger by removing shallow wrinkles?

A CO2 or Erbium YAG laser performs this so-called skin rejuvenation. As mentioned above this is the most precise top skin layer removal which also stimulates the production of collagen. Once again, let us confirm that this method is safe and tested.
Other methods such as mechanical peeling or use of chemical agents are quite risky due to which they are rarely used in esthetic surgery today.

Broaden capillary, smaller blood vessels represent the most often esthetic problems. What is the laser treatment for such problems?

Dye, Alexandrite and argon laser in combination with radio waves give excellent results. Since it is painless there is no need for local anesthesia. Convalescence is fast and painless.

What is understood under the term Laser Center?

It is a normal name for a surgery hospital where at least five different types of lasers are used. A specialist in laser surgery must fulfill all the criteria’s of at least one European or American association for Laser medicine and surgery. A training program certificate is not sufficient.

How important is the knowledge of laser techniques and experience in the handling of various laser types?

In view of the various technical features of certain lasers and various types of lasers as well as various types of skin it is imperative to know for what kind of treatment, depending on the type of skin, what laser to use, and how to use it.