Examination  and consultation have immense importance regardless of the progress in digital photo, video and IT segment. In a personal conversation patients and doctors have a real opportunity to get to know both sides, evaluate, and conclude elected.

The first contact of the patient with the doctor is very important.

It is important that there is mutual understanding between doctor and patient. It is not a necessary attitude of sympathy and empathy is sufficient.  If there is a misunderstanding, at least unilaterally better not to do any type of procedure.

There are always different starting positions and different expectations.
The patient is sometimes maybe similar to the second, but still remains unique and special. There is no pattern solution. Every man is special and requires a special approach and treatment.

-From The chosen aesthetic-plastic surgeon is expected not only to be an accomplished surgeon in that technical sense, his ability to carry out an operation, but also to be creative, with a good eye for what is beautiful and harmonious, with a sense of aesthetics in general, and on top all this, it is necessary to have the capability of good psychological evaluation of his patient.
-From The patient is expected to present its real needs and expectations and to submit existing medical reports, radiological and laboratory findings related problems because of the messenger.

If the patient does not have the necessary findings must be timely to be delivered as instructed by the doctor .Patients with chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, asthma …) should consult their doctors before surgery and consult with them about a possible change of therapy. The patient should be informed of the potential even rare complications described above and to demonstrate a willingness to cooperate in all phases of treatment.

E-mail sent photos, description desires and there can only be an aid in preparation for the examination and consultation.

Mutual introduction, review and consultation


In a personal interview and patients and doctors have a real opportunity to get to know both sides, evaluate, and conclude elected.

The Importance of choosing individual Beauty Concept is reflected in the subsequent result. Give priority to fresh, natural and not operated appearance and there is no compromise.

In fact, in any other surgical branch of psychological factor is not so important and has such a large and sometimes decisive, influence on the course of the entire surgical procedure, healing and the end result, as in aesthetic plastic surgery.