Liposuction – Ultrasound and Laser Liposuction

Liposuction-Ultrasound and Laser Liposuction

Liposuction is the philosophy and the art of modeling the shape of the body and face removal and creation of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

She is not a method of weight reduction, nor a substitute for improper nutrition and lack of physical activity. She is the method of choice for parts of the body where, despite persistent diet and exercise – do not reduce fatty deposits (upper arms, back, hips, buttocks, and lower legs bitine).

She can be a good motivation for the subsequent maintenance of lean lines.


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Own fat as a filler

Fat removed by liposuction can be used for relocation (transplant) to the desired location.

– for a new Brazilian butt
– for bigger breasts
– for fresh, younger face and neck
– for filling in wrinkles and enlarged lips

Liposuction gets fat that is rich in stem cells and growth factors. In the same surgical procedure, part of the removed adipose tissue can be used as a natural filler for facial rejuvenation, wrinkle filler, lip enhancement, breast augmentation or buttocks. Therefore, she can be doubly useful.

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LIPOSUCTION – Standard, Vibro PAL, Ultrasound, Vaser & Laser Liposuction

Ultrasound and laser liposuction – 1000 to 1500 by region
Hips and waist liposuction -3500
Outer thighs liposuction – 2000
Inner thigh liposuction – 1000
Liposuction of the knee – 1000
Neck liposuction – 2000
Arm liposuction – 2500
Liposuction of the abdomen – 4000
Liposuction of the abdomen partial – 2000
Liposuction of the anterior flanks – 1500
Liposuction of the posterior flanks (last loins) – 1500
Backs liposuction (infrascapular) – 2000
Backs liposuction (lower back) – 2000
Liposuction of the pubic region – 1000
Liposuction of the coccyx region (lumbo sacral fat pad) – 1000
Liposuction double chin – 1000

* Important Note

Prices in the price list are approximate. The final price in consultation with the surgeon after examination and selection methods. Prices are expressed in EUR.

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